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About Us

Who is NINNI?

We are a skin care company with a modern take on skin care. We believe that, if given the right tools and knowledge, each and every one of us is capable of customising our own skin care according to our needs and preferences. As a new company, we’re evolving every day and strive to surpass our own and our customers’ expectations – always.


What do NINNI do?

We do natural skin care, and offer you a choice of ingredients and scents for your skin. It’s our goal to decode the science behind the products, so you’re confident in selecting the building blocks. All our ingredients are carefully chosen, to ensure that your product is always full of natural goodness.



I started NINNI because I’m a true believer that with the right knowledge you can do anything. It’s my ambition to make each customer confident enough in the science of skin care to best personalise their product and look their best.


About the founder

Ninni natural personalised skin care founder

“I’ve always wanted to start my own skin care brand. When I was five I started mixing perfumes and toners with anything I could find in the kitchen and garden. I documented everything in a turquoise and white notebook. In pursuit of this dream I studied chemical engineering and business. Eventually I ended up working for a big cosmetics company.

One day during my maternity leave I was watching daytime TV and saw an ad for personalised snack boxes. This sparked an idea. What if you offer personalised skin care? What if I share my passion for skin care science with other women and empower them to choose what they want in their skin care, rather than having a big corporation decide for them. And so NINNI was born.”

Katarina Stetz is an entrepreneur with a dual degree in chemical engineering and finance. Education for all is close to her heart. She does crossfit, mainly to improve her skiing.

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